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Kochster Wax Melt Boiler

£150.00 £200.00

This item is pre-owned and is in good working order.

Thermostatically controlled Boiler - Heavy duty enamelled steel tank with plastic lid.


Will melt 15kgs of clean wax.


Two insulated handles make it easy to lift while avoiding burns. Element -Under the base of the tank, out of contact with water and wax and protected from mechanical damage. Rating - 1800 W. Control Thermostat -calibrated from 30 C to boiling. Neon indicator included.

Power supply - 220-240V AC.
External Dimensions - 365mm diameter x 480mm high.
Inner Dimensions - 350mm diameter x 290mm high.
Taps - Two brass taps fitted, one for tapping off clean wax the other for draining water from the melter

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