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JNJ Candles & Melts is a new wax melts & candle business founded in 2021 it is owned and run by the creator Diane.

Your probably wondering we're the JNJ comes from I decided to put the initials of my 3 kids.

Each and every JNJ melts products are handmade in a small village of Castlerock on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. 

I use the very best quality waxes, fragrance oils and bases to create my products. 

I have been making wax melts for about 18 months for my own personal use. My family and friends has always wanted to buy them and this resulted in Handmade by Diane which I have now renamed JNJ Melts.

Thank you for popping by and I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed making them.


Exorna Spar Filling Station, Castlerock, Northern Ireland.

Some Artisan Markets throughout Northern Ireland.

Causeway Speciality Market.

Now at the Diamond Centre

Happy to put this on here now got my own stall at the Diamond Centre Coleraine shopping mall.

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