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JNJ Candles & Melts offer a range of incredible scented Candles, Wax melt, Snap bars, Wax melt tarts, Reed Diffusers, Scented sizzlers, Room sprays and Car air fresheners. 


Which will make your home, car and office smell amazing. 


All handmade on the North Coast of Northern Ireland using only the best quality Rapeseed & Coconut wax based on Rapeseed & Coconut vegetable oils. Which is 100% plant based with no additives. It is also water soluble, meaning with some warm soapy water, the wax will dissolve allowing you to easily re-use your candle jar if you choose to.


My Candles & Melts are free from Palm, Soy, GM and Paraffin additives and is also considered to be vegan friendly and is halal and kosher certified. Unlike Soya & Paraffin wax wont give of black smoke for a overall cleaner burn, meaning the candle will burn down at a more consistent rate and a more consistent temperature.


Our fragrance oils used are researched and highly sourced to give an incredible scent throw in our products.

  Classic Candles 


Are approx 140g of Rapeseed and Coconut wax, are stylish, stunning and create a relaxing atmosphere and comes in many fragrance.


Large 140g - Burns around 25 - 30 


Classic Snapbars 


Our Rapeseed and Coconut Snapbars are brilliant, they last much longer and are great value for money. 


Each bar will have a fragrance burn of around - 120 - 140 hours.

 Reed diffusers 


Are a Elegance way to Fragrance your home if your always on the go. Just simply pop the cork off, add your reeds and go and when you return your home will be full of lovely scented fragrance.


Each Reed Diffuser will last approx 2- 3 months 

Scented Sizzlers



Our Scented Sizzlers are a great alternative to wax, just pop 20 - 30g in your burner, light your tea light and enjoy the lovely fragrance of your choice. 


Each 100g bag will burn for around 14 - 20 hours

Car Perfume



Our Car Air Fresheners add an elegant and stylish touch to your car and you are able to still enjoy your favourite scent on the road.


Last around 4-5 weeks 

Sample Boxes 


These Sample Boxes are a perfect way to try new scents available in 3 different types fresh, sweet & mixed that will give you many hours of pleasure trying different scents.


Approximately burning time of 100 hours 

Wax Melt Tart 


These wax melt tarts weigh approx 30g and are available in 18 different scents just cut it in half to use twice.


Approximately burning time of 40 hours.

Fabric & Room Sprays


Our Room Sprays are made from only the best supplies with a lot of practice to get it right. Use as a fabric spray or a room spray. long lasting just spray 4 to 5 sprays and enjoy.


Approximately 100 sprays per 100mls

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