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Electric Glitter Mosaic wax Melt burner lamp


This Gold & Silver Glitter Mosaic Wax Melt Burner creates a relaxing, soothing atmosphere by heating wax melt discs, this electric burner also has a light which further adds to the soothing atmosphere.

As each Mosaic Melt Burner is Hand Crafted each piece is therefore completely unique - no two are ever identical. We have taken as much care as we can to ensure that the photographs represent each Melt Burner as closely as possible and although the colours will remain the same the patterns may vary slightly due to their unique Hand Crafting.

The Melt Burner provides a safe, clean and efficient way to melt your scented melt discs

Just place a scented wax disc in the bowl, turn on the melt burner and relax as the room is filled with your favourite fragrance.

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