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JNJ Candles & Melts

Glass 3D Splash Aroma touch table lamp wax melt warmer oil burner

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€29,95 EUR

This stunning 3D Splash Design Wax Melter and Oil Burner with Touch Control Lamp creates a soothing atmosphere by heating wax melts or essential scented oils, releasing your favourite scent into the room.


It has a light inside which warms the wax or oil and creates a stunning 3D Splash design which further adds to the atmosphere.


It provides a safe, clean and efficient way to warm your scented wax melts or scented oils.


Just place a wax disc or a few drops of scented oil (2-3 tsp of water should also be added when using oil) in the bowl, turn on the lamp and relax as the room is filled with your favourite fragrance.


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